He sang ER-hamna and you won't believe what happened next!!

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So the General Sikourity decided to prohibit Bachar Mar Khalifeh form selling his new album, because if we fragment one word of one of the album songs, we retrieve the word ‘ER’, which is a blasphemous word according to them.
While I don't want to get myself into trouble because of a blogpost (and before I start receiving phishing links to locate my IP address, etc...). Here are some additional products/music/media to be banned, of course, in order to save humanity from Satan by sending him to Hell.

Mr. Robot and the odd IP Address

Hacking outside movies is hard, it involves slow comprehensive work, deep reconnaissance about targets, repetitive and boring tasks, until the little boy gets inside the cage. It is usually misinterpreted by Hollywood, thus came the term `Hollywood Hacking`.
For the last decade, sometimes for artistic needs others out of ignorance, numerous movies failed miserably to transmit scenes from real life hacking. Hackers being picky, always on-alert digging the undiggable, always starving-for-details, cannot tolerate bullsh*t. Being captured by small mistakes (it's their job after all) ends them up distracted and turned off from what they are watching.
(Photo courtesy of Ace Shooting ©)
I have seen the northern lights before I die and below is my time-lapse compilation. The video summarizes the dancing lights in the skies of many locations my friends and I visited the last month across Iceland (the holy land) chasing the Aurora (between the 19th and 26th of March 2015) . 
1st time I saw the Auroras I was jumping like a kangaroo and screaming like a sa3idiyyah. Two hours later, (checked), I realized it's time to grab the cam and start shooting.
Bottom line, our trip was perfectly amazing, well equipped and prepared and we managed to archive and achieve good results. We missed the 17th of March (During that night, the Aurora reached the Maximum intensity while we were still stuck in Lebanon because of a stupid airplaine engine breakdown).
Sit back, relax, for a better experience put on your favorite headphones and watch the video with the highest quality.

After 3 months of preparation for a tour to shoot the Aurora Borealis in Iceland, the black swan was grinning around the corner smoking his favorite cigarette.

We took off from Beirut [] International Airport on the 17th of March 2015 at 4:40 AM heading towards Reykjavík via Lufthansa Airlines with a transit stop at Frankfurt airport.  

There was a palpable sense of relief seeing Beirut fade away, I was sitting at the window above the left wing, gazing into the waning crescent moon and simulating some dancing auroras. 

36 seconds after takeoff we were already above the sea, we heard the sound of two brutal explosions from the engine underneath, the aircraft started shaking and vibrating, it also smelled burning from the inside. The situation escalated quickly when the "EXIT" signs lit:

Nassim Haramein - Quantum bullshit

I present to you Mr. Nassim Haramein, he's a Swiss physicist crank, an accident of birth control and maybe the most stupid self-proclaimed scientist. 
While this muttonheaded misunderstands and destroys the most basic ideas in physics, he claims to have solved Einstein's problems by using 8th grade formulas. During his talks, he milks the "sacred geometry" and space concepts, but still ignores how to differentiate between math and physics. 
While his theories have convincing technical names, his entries can't stop being deleted from Wikipedia for lack of scientific evidence... and sanity. 

How to secure your nude photos?

Behind closed doors, a lot of us may have the urge to capture intimate, naughty, private and winkwink moments; and given the latest internet leaks of nude celebrity photos, a lot of you out there may be thinking of all your previously taken shots. 
While I may be taking the fun and thrill out of the said process, my sense of Cyber Security paranoia feels the need to set out some instructions to those who prefer not to have their privates circulating the interwebs.
The first most basic rule is: simply do not take them. That's the foremost technique to nip the propagation of private photos.
"Revenge porn" is sexually explicit media that is distributed online, without the consent of the pictured individual for the purpose of humiliation. It is the last resort a broken hearted psychopath would use. 

Deliver yourself from yourself

Why do people look over the universe for a solution that is right at their doorstep?
Sometimes, the answer is around and seeking beyond is just stupid.
Mankind is amazing, it's hilarious how people lean on spiderman-like characters that never showed up, never intervened, just a thought only a thought, a need for release that sadly vacuums then explodes - and still, it's still believed to deliver from evil.
Brain control is a trojan horse, thought injection is the payload and hunger is the exploit; humankind evolved to a state of devolution, rendering the world lust for a new governance system. It's time to prove to our ancestors that we can pursue.
Break out, Smell the coffee, unlearn, isolate, revolt, escape, live and keep loose.
For you are dust, cosmic dust and to cosmic dust you will return.
Here are some recent photos from the 21st century - yes we surpassed year 2000 and that's us below...

[Timelapse] Camelopardalids Meteor Shower over Bcharre, Lebanon

This timelapse was shot in Lebanon at Bcharre cedars during the occasional Camelopardalids meteor shower on May 24 2014 - Not eveyrthing moving in this video is a meteor. 

Many of the IFO (Identified Flying Objects) in this video are meteors, while not everything that glitters and slides during nights is one. Investigations are still running to count the exact meteors number spotted during the shooting time. 

While comparing playback quality of the most notorious video sharing services, I realized the lack of a free, decent and lossless video upload service when it comes to delicate details like Meteor Showers and moving stars. Since Vimeo and Youtube HD playback quality was disappointing, I decided to upload this video to this site so it would be available with maximum juicy details. Make sure you check the downloadable version down below.

Under the hood:

  • 107 frames were shot during 53 minutes, each frame was of 30 seconds exposure or 3600 ISO.
  • Manual inspections for all frames revealed 33 dancing objects on the milky way stage, some of them are meteors while others aeroplanes, satellites and Iridium flares.
  • You'v got to watch then in HD to be able to spot the maximum
  • Video was rendered 15 frames per seconds resulting 7 seconds
  • Photos were straight fed to the timelapse without any processing.

I wish I reached there earlier and shot for longer.

24 common bloggers mistakes with fixes

You wake up at 4:23 AM on an SMS saying: "your blog is hacked!". 
What would you do?
What if, you weren't able to access your server because hackers changed your passwords?
You manged to reset your passwords, accessed your server to apply corrections and things are running smoothly (w heik), what if your backup dates from the last month?
What if, you had no backups at all? 
Would you cry? I would have definitely cried.
Back to the realm, when it comes to blogs and websites security, it's not always your programmer's mistake (though most of time it is), sometimes it's yours; and it's doubled when you are your own programmer.
Wordpress, Drupal and other platforms installations are secure but common mistakes come from the publisher's level, especially when you are a journalist on the fly publisher.
Considering security in general, it is a trade of Usability and Functionality. Too much ease-of-use and functionality kills security, where too much security kills them both.
You don't know your enemies, nor their skills, nor their resources; hacking techniques became so easy that unexperienced kids can hack you within 3 clicks - occasionally, hackers are hired to unethically hack other people, others hack just because they can. Are you afraid? 'guess you are or else you wouldn't have been reading this.
On the other hand, human hackers are not the ones who only attack you, Gauss White is a typical cyberespionnage example that targeted the Lebanese banking sector back in August 2012.

Here are the commonly met security mistakes/misconfiguration

Would 2014 be another dark year for cybernauts?

"Everything you said on the internet might be soon used against you"
(photo from 
Internet security and privacy during the upcoming weeks might dive into disastrous repercussions :
Due to the solemnity of the recently discovered security loopholes (stated subsequently), 2014 is nominated to be the year of credential theft, online payment fraud and privacy violation.
Taking into consideration hackers' notorious motivations and skills: "not profiting from this occasion will go unforgivable"; By exploiting the discovered vulnerablities all together, internet security might face the darkest ages that internet itself will strive to disremember.
If you are too lazy reading technical stuff, you may directly jump down to the recommendations section.
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